Giving Back-Moving Forward


I believe that to be successful in the entertainment industry, you have to be narcissistic to some degree. If you weren’t, the amount of criticism, let downs and “no’s” would send you into a depression. It’s a necessary and useful trait.

I had the opportunity to perform for all sorts of charitable organizations growing up: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Make a Wish Foundation, Hospice, Angels of Charity, AIM and Veterans Fundraisers. It was something that formed my adolescence in a great and powerful way. As I moved through life and career, that pull towards giving back has never left me. As a professional singer and owner of a performing arts studio, I find myself surrounded by many entertainers, some aspiring and some professional. Although the life of a performer is one of constant hustle and self-promotion, I always encourage those around me to make the time to use their talents to give back. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


1. The organization gets top-notch entertainment if it’s fundraiser event, which draws in more donations and patrons to the worthy cause.

2. You get great exposure as an entertainer with the potential to book additional performance engagements as a result (I always got a least 1 singing engagement from these events every time).

3. You step away from the narcissistic daily “me” routine of a performer and become part of something bigger than yourself

What causes are you passionate about? What issues are near and dear to your heart? Reach out to those groups and organizations. I challenge you to take the initiative today and call 3 organizations and offer up your talents to them for their next event or gathering. The good that you give, you will certainly receive.

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